History of Croton Watches

The Croton Watch Company Inc. was created in 1878 when the watch industry was still in its early days. However, in this current times, we have watch companies competing to build the best watch in the market.

When the brand started out, it was a small manufacturer with the goal of producing accurate, quality and stylish watches that reflect its principles. The brand is family owned, and their watches were first sold to small jewelry boutiques throughout the USA.

As the popularity of the brand grew, the demand for their refined watches grew also. The jeweled collection of the brand was created later as the taste and preferences of their customers evolved.

Today, the Croton Watch is still family owned and is run by the Mermelstein family, in an 18,000 square feet facility in Moonachie, New Jersey. The brand sells a broad variety of watches from basic quartz watches to sophisticated chronographs at reasonable prices.

This multi-million dollar company still holds the same principles as their ancestors hold dear. Principles such as precision, quality, style, and value.

The Mermelstein family have been into supplying quality watches for over four decades. The company controls Nationwide Time Inc., an enterprise that makes watches for the premium retail market.

The Croton brand also went on to work with a Hong Kong assembly plant that helps them produce about 20,000 watches every month. The Croton brand is also into production of private label watches for some popular companies. The watch company manufactures premium timepieces for thousands of corporations.

The build of the variety of Croton watches is quite good. The brand offers watches with stainless steel cases and a few models that are plated with gold. The brand utilizes mineral crystal on their less expensive watch models, and these protect the watch from damages that could be caused by falls or scratches.

The brand's high-end watch models, on the other hand, are protected by sapphire crystal, which offers more protection than mineral crystals. The water resistant capacity ranges depending on the watch model. Some models possess water resistance of up to 200 meters, these models will withstand rain and water spillage and can be used during swimming or snorkeling.

The Croton watches come with leather, stainless steel or gold bands which complements the whole watch outlook. Croton watches are good timepieces that would last for many years if they are adequately cared of.

The range of movements used in Croton watches is quite diverse, and this is due to the variation in the prices of these watches. The brand's less expensive watches utilize Japanese made Quartz electronic movements. The moderately priced Croton watches are manufactured using Swiss made quartz movement which guarantees accuracy. The high-end Croton watches use Swiss made automatic movements which ensure precision while having a higher price tag.

The brand also offers a few models with complications for those who prefer mechanical watches.

Due to the quality materials used in these watches, you can rest assured that Croton watches do not require lots of maintenance. This is an added perk not provided in other watch brands.

Innovation is a quality that is ingrained in Croton's wide range of timepieces. Their watches sport innovative features that compete favorably with the top watch brands in the world.

The Croton brand offers watches with chronographic functions, some that possess tourbillions and others with the date and day dials.

If you are someone who is interested in fancy features and complications, the wide range of Croton watches are worth checking out.

The styling found in Croton watches is diverse. The brand offers more than 200 models with distinct styles that awe both consumers and critics. Their collection contains classic watches, retro looking timepieces and other styles that possess an outgoing outlook.

If you prefer watches with eye-catching styles and playful colors, Croton watches have these characteristics, and they might be worth checking out. With every Croton timepiece you wear, you get a burst of attention everywhere you go. The brand also produces a few limited edition watches which possess higher qualities and features.

The brand's watches utilize analog displays, and they also produce some watches with gold cases and diamonds, for those who need a watch for a casual occasion or a formal setting.

Care and maintenance for Croton watches are quite minimal. Most of their timepieces utilize quartz movements which are accurate and reliable and don't require much maintenance apart from battery replacement every few years. If you've bought one of the mechanical models, it is customary to have the watch examined by an authorized dealer after some years of use.

The Croton brand offers an incredible warranty on all its timepieces. Most watch companies only provide a two-year warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship. The Croton brand, however, offers an exceptional warranty for life on all its watch models. This is why the company is appealing and distinct. This warranty covers defects in materials and craftsmanship. This ultimately means that you can use your timepiece for a very long time with proper care.

Currently, Croton watches can be purchased in over 5000 offline stores, and the watches can also be purchased through many reputable internet platforms. These watches come with natural beauty and modern flair that is hard to ignore.

More than 200 Croton watch styles are introduced every year so that customers can select from a variety of designs. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing Croton timepieces. These watches look great on vintage attires and formal dresses.

The Croton brand offers a range of sleek men's watches. These watches combine exceptional straps and great styles that reflect modern trends. The brand's watches come with a lifetime warranty, which puts the company in a league of its own. Their men's watches are modern and High-Tech timepieces that elicit practicality, and beauty. Their watches are fashionable and designed with the best materials available.

The Croton watches are always on time, and they also make an enormous impact on your personality.

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  • Susan Penni Thorkildsen, nee Sadai
    Posted at 08:37h, 17 May Reply

    My great grandfather, Horowitz, founded the Croton Watch Company. I did not know him but his son William Charles Horowitz ran the business. The factory was in Geneva, Switzerland. My grandfather would often travel there from New York City where the headquarters was located. He used to take my mother who kept s a diary of her travels to Switzerland. I used to go to the headquarters in the City to see my grandfather. The headquarters then moved to Croton on Hudson. My uncle took over the running of the watch company after my Granddad died. He had an affair with the actress Shelley Winters, I remember. When my Uncle Harold Horton died ( he changed his name from Horowitz to Horton to Americanize it) , his sons, my cousins , inherited the company. They were not interested in running the business and preferred the money instead. So they sold it to the Japanese. I still have a Croton Lady Electra I was given by my parents when I was a teenager in the 1950’s. In those days the watch were beautifully made and made in Switzerland, not Japan.

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