History of Daniel Wellington Watches

The Daniel Wellington brand originated from a Swedish Watch Company (insignia stylized with a reversed capital D) founded in 2011 by Filip Tysander.

The history of the Daniel Wellington brand is an intriguing and a somewhat distinct story from many other watch companies.

The founder, Filip Tysander was on a trip in 2006 to the British Isles when he met a man, and he was greatly interested in the watches this man wore.

The name of the man was Daniel Wellington. This meeting was the starting point of the brand's creation.

Timeless, sleek and creative, Tysander saw that this man's watches were well-rooted in impressive styles and he automatically knew what he wanted in his watches.

Afterwards, a strong friendship emerged between the founder and the man.

Filip Tysander was not only inspired by the man's many vast life stories but also his timeless style and classy fashion taste.

A revolution was sparked in his mind that was going to light the fire of his company.

The founder took this experience back to his country Sweden and created the Daniel Wellington brand - derived from the name of the man he met.

The founder began to design watches deeply rooted in style and a back story that will impress many watch enthusiasts.

For all his watch creations, he never wanders away from the fundamental principles of his brand such as clean, classic, minimal and timeless.

These brand principles are what keeps consumers and collectors coming back for more every time.

The company has its headquarters in central Stockholm, Sweden.

The company also has different networks of retailers in over 25 countries where they serve thousands of consumers.

As a fan of Old NATO straps, the founder wanted to incorporate this design into the wide models of the brand's watches.

The company wanted to keep things minimal, with the watch itself and therefore opted for the beautiful, slim and simple design the brand has become popular for.

The watches work well with any strap, and this makes it a very unique brand.

Another likable and impressive feature of Daniel Wellington watches is that you can pair them with any attire and it will work.

Whether you are looking for a watch to wear to a business meeting or simply for casual occasions, these watches cater for it all, with style and simplicity that makes you quest for more.

Although the brand is relatively young, they have quickly garnered a lot of impressive and dedicated fans all across the world for their identifiable and classic designs.

The unique NATO straps and the quality of being able to switch between styles, makes the Daniel Wellington watch the perfect watch for most consumers - an important reason why they are thriving in the watch industry.

The brand represents careful detail-driven design at its finest.

Their watches are sought out for their tasteful appeal and are worn on various occasions by men as well as women all over the world.

The brand believes in keeping things simple, utilizing clean lines, and letting their timepieces speak for themselves.

This is the major reason why the most prominent characteristic of Daniel Wellington's watches are minimalism and simplicity.

These impressive set of qualities are what presents the watches as a genuine classic to love for many years to come.

The company's watches are manufactured in China, designed in Sweden and utilizes a quartz movement made by the Japanese movement giants - Miyota.

The Daniel Wellington brand has enjoyed widespread success due to its special digital marketing strategy.

They also have an incredible presence on social media networks such as Instagram where they currently have over four million followers.

The Swedish brand has reported a three-year growth of over 4000%, and in mid-February 2017, Daniel Wellington was named the fastest growing company in all of Europe.

Such momentum that this company has enjoyed is a dream come true, also what the brand does is an iconic example of a company doing something first and doing it so well.

The Daniel Wellington watches come at affordable prices, and countless imitators and fans have been awakened by the brand's sophisticated yet simple approach.

A distinct characteristic that separates this brand from the pack is their approach of combining the traditional methods with new techniques in marketing.

The company started selling its products on a web shop and later advanced to using Social Media exclusively to become well known.

This is the major reason why the company has enjoyed a meteoric rise as only their website generates up to 7 million hits per month.

The brand's business model relies solely on affordable watches.

While the prices are low due to the components of the watches made and assembled in China, the quality of these watches are not jettisoned.

The movements of the brand's movements are of high quality and are supplied by a Japanese supplier known for its good quality materials.

This combination in the watches creates functional and affordable features pleasing to everyone.

This business model may not work for every company.

However the founder's genius lies in identifying the best means of production while still delivering watches that are stylish, affordable and of high quality.

When it comes to distribution, the company sets itself apart from the competition.

Unlike some other brands that sell their watches only in certain boutiques, Daniel Wellington partners with any retailer that shows interest.

You can find the brand's watches in departmental stores, trendy boutiques as well as brick and mortar stores.

This strategy has greatly helped in increasing the company's popularity around the world.

The brand produces watches that are instantly recognizable and the same time simple that they appear almost invisible.

All models of their watches come with polished steel cases in five different sizes from 26mm to 40mm with rose gold colour.

Their dials are always white with very slim lines that mark the hour, while the hands are kept wide enough to be clearly visible.

The choice of straps is the major source of differentiation in their watches, and it is available in several leather options as well as colorful nylons.

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