History of Edox Watches

The history of this watch brand can be traced back to 1883.

Christian Ruefli-Flury, an exceptional and skilled watchmaker, gifted his wife, Eva-maria, with a pocket watch he had crafted for her 25th birthday celebration.

The wife who was impressed by the elegance of the watch convinced her husband to create his own watchmaking company.

Christian Ruefli-Flury went on to launch his watchmaking enterprise in 1884.

He established his first workshop in Biel Bienna, a city widely respected for its master watchmakers.

Christian names his watch brand "Edox" which means "the hour" in ancient Greek.

The wide range of Edox watches are all adorned with the hourglass logo, which depicts the meaning of the brand name.

For more than a century, the history of the Edox brand remains spotted with success and beautiful inventions which may remain unrivaled till today.

After the demise of the founder in 1921, the company was taken over by Robert Kaufmann-Hug.

He gradually phased out the production of pocket watches after he realized that watches were more practical than mere pocket watches.

Robert's decision marked a turning point in the history of Swiss watch production.

After the Second World War, the demand for Edox timepieces was very high.

The brand experienced so much success that in 1955, the company moved into a brand new production facility, which was the most advanced watch factory all across Switzerland at that period.

The company's decision paid off as they rolled out new technological advancements for many years.

Since the 1960s, the Edox brand has created original watch designs that serve as reference points for other watch brands.

The Edox watch brand has always been ready to be at the forefront of innovation.

The company invests a considerable amount in expanding the company's technical capacity and the skills of its engineers and watching makers.

In the latter part of 1961, the brand became the standard for water resistance with the introduction of its Delfin watch collection.

The watches in this collection were revolutionary as they showcase a water resistant of up to 200 meters due to the double case back, unique shockproof design and protective gaskets utilized in crafting the watches.

The Delfin collection created a benchmark for shock protection and water resistance.

In 1964, the brand created the Edox Hydrosub which set a new record as the first watch with a water resistant capacity of up to 500 meters.

The diligence of the Edox brand is widely known, and the company is respected for producing innovative, accurate watches that showcase a lot of features.

In 1966, the brand became the official timekeeper of the famous bicycle racing in Aragon, Spain.

Two years later, the company continued its prominence in the watch industry, as it was selected as the official watch of the Olympics.

The brand has always achieved dominance in one sport or the other since then.

In 1983, the company experienced a great deal of crisis introduced a new CEO.

Victor Strambini who took over the company moved the headquarters to Les Genevez, in the heart of the Swiss Jura Mountains.

Later in 1988, the Edox brand achieved significant success by creating an ultra-slim calendar timepiece namely, the Les Bémonts Ultra Slim.

This great watch featured a movement that was scarcely 1.4 mm thick.

This Ultra Slim watch garnered a lot of accolades, and it earned the coveted "Watch of the Year" award.

The influential specialist periodical, Orologi awarded it this accolade.

This watch still holds the world record for the slimmer calendar watch till today.

The engineers and skilled watchmakers of the Edox brand were not content with setting new standards with their great watches.

These craftsmen were committed to taking the standard steps further.

In 2005, the Edox brand created the popular Les Bémonts Maitre Horologer 5 Minute Repeater.

This mechanical watch featured a very complicated movement that was able to provide accurate time through its bell mechanism.

The brand's passion for perfection in build quality led the company into the realm of nautical sports.

Initially, the brand ventured into luxury boats, then later to powerboats.

In 2006, the Edox brand became the official timekeeper for the Class 1 World Powerboat Championship, the acclaimed Formula 1 of the seas.

Also, the Qatar boats crew wear Edox watches on their wrists.

The brand while working closely with the Class 1 engineers, developed a new form of chronometry, solely based on satellite and GPS technology.

The watch brand became the first to make a committed relationship with motorized water sports.

More recently, the brand developed a vital partnership and is currently the timekeeper of the classic World Rally Championship, a race which features the best of the best.

The vision of the Edox brand has always been clear, and the company strives to achieve and exceed the expectations of critics and collectors.

Thanks to the brand's innovative ideas and dedicated research, Edox has continually maintained the standards of premium watchmaking.

The philosophy of elegance, precision, and innovation can be seen in the wide range of Edox timepieces.

The Edox watches come with a warranty of two years.

This warranty option isn't the best but is quite good at least.

This warranty starts from the day of purchase and covers defects in materials and craftsmanship.

Edox watches are thoroughly tested before being packaged.

Therefore, the likelihood of buying a defective Edox model is quite low.

The stylish design of Edox watches lingers between classic and sporty.

Many of their watch models feature square or rectangular faces rather than the round shape that consumers are familiar with.

The dials of Edox watches come in a variety of sizes, and are often placed in unusual locations.

The Edox timepieces stand out of the crowd, and they elicit beauty and confidence in anyone who wears their watches.

Some of their watch models come with diamonds studded on their cases.

The bracelets of their watches are always made of stainless steel, rubber or leather, depending on the watch model.

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