History of Ferrari Watches

The Ferrari brand name is a world-renowned one that represents quality, prestige, and excellence.

This brand is also a known brand that stirs emotions in the minds of people.

It is widely said that if you purchase a Ferrari, you don't only bring home the car, you also carry along the rich history and style of the brand.

The same goes for any of the brand's watches.

If acquiring a Ferrari car seems impossible, purchasing a Ferrari watch is not.

The wide range of Ferrari watches take part in the same history, style, and quality that the Italian carmaker holds throughout the world.

The Ferrari watches are manufactured in conjunction with the Movado Group.

This means that any Scuderia Ferrari watches you buy benefits from over 100 years of watchmaking experience.

By partnering with Movado, the wide range of Ferrari watches bring you quality watches that you know you can rely on.

The Scuderia Ferrari is the sports racing team of the Ferrari automobile group.

The team is the most successful in the history of Formula 1, and they also hold the record as the oldest surviving team, having finished every competition since 1950.

Enzo Ferrari created the Ferrari automobile range and the Scuderia Ferrari racing team.

Enzo was also a race car driver before establishing the company in 1929.

The brand's merchandise includes varieties of bags, headphones, and clothing.

Watches were added to their range of products in 2013.

The brand's watches are available all across the globe and are produced in conjunction with the reputable watch manufacturers, Movado.

For many Formula 1 enthusiasts, just the name and iconic logo featuring on a watch are enough to make the Ferrari watches seem like a great decision.

The brand's watches have gone all the way to capture the intricacies of Formula 1 in their watches.

From designs like the Scuderia Ferrari Men's watch that comes with a dial inspired by a speedometer, to names such as Race Day and Paddock.

Hublot became the official partner of Ferrari in 2011, and they helped in creating all Ferrari's high-end watches.

While Hublot makes all of Ferrari's most expensive watches, Movado creates the affordable watches with the Ferrari brand name.

Over the years, the Ferrari and Hublot brands acquired a history of innovative and creative engineering at the stage of their respective industries.

One of the earliest products of their collaboration was the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold.

This watch featured a casing of scratch-resistant gold.

This unique alloy was developed by Hublot and is a combination of ceramic powder and boron carbide.

The watch also comes with a 24 Carats gold casing that scores 1000 points on the Vickers scale of hardness.

The standard 18 carats gold comes with up to 140 Vickers, and the usual 316L stainless steel many watch producers use measures between 200 and 240 on the Vickers scale.

The affordable Ferrari watches carry Scuderia Ferrari and the "Made in Italy" insignia.

These watches have been around for a while, and the new collections released for 2015 were called the Scuderia Ferrari Formula and Formula Italia S models.

For Ferrari lovers that would like to purchase Ferrari branded watches, but don't have thousands of dollars to spend on their high-end pieces, these serve as excellent alternatives.

The watches in the Scuderia Ferrari Formula Italia collection feature three hands and chronographs.

The watches range from 43 to 45 mm in width.

They also come with a tonneau-shaped steel case with a round dial and a vintage dashboard aura.

Little intricate touches such as the knurling on the external bezel and the elegant crown are subtle details that showcase the brilliance of these watches.

The dials are covered with mineral crystal which ensures that these Ferrari watches are shielded from damages, such as scratches and nicks.

The watches in this collection also come with a water-resistant feature of up to 50 meters.

The hour hands on all these Ferrari watches say "Hours."

This is made to mimic the Ferrari car dashboard gauge which many consumers find as intriguing.

These watches utilize the best materials available and the texture applied on their frame are great.

The dials are pretty handsome and exude of well-detailed design.

Watches in the Scuderia Ferrari Formula Italia watch collection come with a series of dial options as well as a dark IP-coated case or a brush steel one.

These watches also reflect modern features and designs that attract a lot of watch enthusiasts.

Generally, the Scuderia Ferrari watches use Japanese movements, and they all carry the "Made in Italy" writing.

In 2014, Hublot announced a new Ferrari creation called the Big Bang Ferrari Limited Edition 60th anniversary in North America.

This watch commemorates the collaboration between the two manufacturers, as well as Ferrari's 60-year history of producing the world's most attractive supercars to America.

This anniversary watch features a 45.5 mm diameter case and is made from the highest grade materials, in this case, carbon fiber.

Other components of the case includes the pusher and case back composed of black PVD titanium and micro-blasted black ceramic.

The movement used in this watch is a caliber 1241 Unico flyback chronograph movement, and also features a 72-hour power reserve.

There are an astonishing 330 simultaneously moving parts within this watch's movement.

The amount of research, time and skill that has gone into this watch is legendary.

On the back case of this watch is an engraving that states "1954 - 2014: Ferrari celebrates 60 Years in the USA".

A prancing Ferrari horse logo is also included.

It is said that the Hublot CEO, Ricardo Guadalupe carefully chose the colors for all the brand's limited edition watches.

Red, white and blue were selected by Guadalupe for this watch to represent the USA.

All in all, the wide range of Ferrari timepieces are statement makers wherever you wear any of the brand's watches to.

They feature sporty designs and intricate complication made by the skilled professionals in the watch industry.

The Ferrari watches are quite popular especially because they share the same name with a car company that is known for excellence.

If you are a devoted follower of qualities such as strength, speed, accuracy, and durability, then Ferrari watches are the perfect timepiece choice for you.

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