History of Infantry Watches

The history of the Infantry brand is an interesting story. The watch brand is said to be a gift to humanity, a real choice for every real man. The idea to create this brand was born way back in the founder's mind due to a special gift was given to him by his father, who happens to be a soldier. This gift given to him, coincided with his father's retirement from the army and a switch from dedication to country, wholly to his family. The transition had an inspiring effect on the founder, and he went on to create the Infantry watch brand.

The Infantry brand was created in 2011.

The brand has a team that is composed of a group of individuals who are dedicated to success. Their minds and thinking are boundless by the measures of nature, and this is reflected correctly in the Infantry watch designs. The brand is set on a journey to define a real style and make it available to everyone.

This mission is what all the members of the Infantry brand are interested in achieving.

Real men wear infantry watches.

Individuals who willingly devote their efforts, time and sweat for the betterment of the coming generation. Such men are those who lead like an infantry, without a moment of doubt or distrust. Infantry watches look great on whoever wears them, and they come at affordable prices that don't hurt the pocket.

The brand is known for experimentation and research. The brand realizes that this is important for creating incredible designs that awe both consumer and critic alike. The brand pushes the boundaries of design with their incredible team of experts. The brand draws rich inspiration from military and technological advancements.

The brand consistently applies new ideas and alluring features to produce watches that give consumers an enjoyable experience. The brand is proud of its adventurous approach towards design and craftsmanship while experimenting with the latest features and designs.

The wide range of Infantry watches come with a one-year limited warranty. This isn't the best warranty in the watch market, but it is a fair offering for consumers. The warranty on Infantry watches starts from the day of purchase and covers all manufacturing defects and design flaws.

However, the warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, tampering or failure to follow proper instructions. It also does not cover damage as result of continued wear and tears over a period.

The brand's watches come with a range of different features. Their watch straps are made with genuine leather, nylon or silicon. Their watches are made with PVD electroplate processing, and they also feature stainless steel buckles.

The brand uses precise Japanese movements for some of its watches. This ensures that accurate time is delivered to consumers. One of the brand's most popular watch is the Victorinox Infantry Mechanical Watch. This watch by the Infantry brand is a great and casual watch. It perfectly blends with a wide range of tastes and attires. The Victorinox watch features the simplicity of vintage military design, and it also exudes an attractive aura. The watch comes with a legible time display, simple hands, and a railway minute track that you can't find in just any watch. The stainless steel case of the watch measures 40 mm wide and 10.5 mm in thickness. This size makes it a perfect size for most wrists, including those generally concealed by a shirt cuff.

There are many straps options for consumers to choose from, including 20 mm, 22 and 24 mm. The watch comes with a mesh style bracelet, and this makes it fit perfectly on the wrist of whoever wears the watch. The case and bracelet of the watch are polished, and they shine with a friendly glimmer. This polishing matches perfectly with the simple leather strap, giving the watch a lovely outlook. There is also an included mesh bracelet that is very flexible. The clasp of this watch can be easily adjusted to accommodate a wide range of wrist sizes.

Ultimately, these features make this Victorinox watch a comfortable timepiece that sits quite well on the wrist. This watch employs an ETA 2824 movement which keeps time quite accurately.

The date display of the watch comes in a simple black on white display which can be viewed through an aperture located near the three o'clock marker of the watch. The watch is fitted with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal that protects the watch from nicks and scratches.

It also comes with a display case back that makes you able to view the workings of the watch movement. The Victorinox Infantry Mechanical Watch is ultimately a simple and versatile watch that showcases quite some excellent features. This watch blends with a wide range of attires and comes at an affordable price.

Practically and classically designed, this watch could also serve as the perfect gift for your cherished friends or family. For its wide range of watches, the company has a research and development team dedicated to come up with new watch designs.

This team works closely with the factory to ensure that the appropriate designs are dispensed in the production of Infantry watches.

The company has taken part in the Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair amongst others. The brand has a stated goal of developing new watch designs while expanding the firm's online business.

The brand's watches are all military in design, and they range from classic vintage military type watches, which possess circular dials and simple functionalities, to more advanced timepieces that showcase both analog and digital displays.

The company is not limited to only digital chronograph timepieces; they are also known to produce a few analog quartz chronograph watches. The brand also manufactures watches with the day and date dial and other features that make these watches attractive.

The brand offers an excellent variety of military watches that come with cool functions and are reasonably priced. These watches provide good value for your money.

The Infantry brand has a great customer service team. These individuals are always ready to help, and they patiently answer any questions regarding the brand's products. The watches produced by the Infantry brand are functional and reliable. They utilize decent materials that reflects confidence.

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