History of Technomarine Watches

The Technomarine watch brand is an impressive company created in 1997. The company was founded by Franck Dubarry, a successful designer. Starting his company all by himself, he gave his watch brand an impressive theme. He established his company as one that produces "vacation souvenir watches" and not expensive accessories.

Franck Dubarry went on to create a wide range of sports chronographs, as well as the water-resistant beach chronograph, that can survive swimming and snorkeling activities. These watches come with half transparent silicone cases, which adds to the durability and economic value of Technomarine watches. It is a general view among people that brands that produce luxury watches are rarely affordable, but with the Technomarine watch brand, it is not so.

Ever since its establishment in 1997, the Technomarine brand has dedicated a lot of effort in building its foundation and expertise in the area of innovation and advancements. The brand is known for excellent designs that showcase beauty and class. These timepieces beat the expectations of watch lovers and many critics.

The women line of Technomarine watches is called "Maori." It features watches with original and unique designs that will draw the attention of friends and colleagues. The casings of these watches are made with Maori writing, which originates from the luxurious culture of New Zealand.

The watch straps are made of pure crocodile leather or natural rubber. These watch models bring back the beautiful memories of the deep blue sea and beautiful beaches. With the intricate design and craftsmanship applied in creating Technomarine watches, the best features are presented to consumers at the best price point for value.

The company also has a Cruise Sports collection which features diamonds and sporty features in different watch models, that are adeptly combined to form breathtaking timepieces.

Franck Dubarry, the founder of the Technomarine watch company, started a revolution in the world of Swiss watches. The ingenious ideas and designs of Dubarry helped in creating various timepieces that incorporate modern designs and styles. Dubarry achieved this by combining traditional Swiss materials with new techniques to create something new.

Technomarine produces both automatic and Quartz watches. While experiencing ground-breaking success, the brand ventured to form a partnership with different companies such as General Motors and Hummer.

These partnerships resulted in the creation of new Technomarine watch lines that stretch the boundaries of design. The Technomarine Hummer watch collection features watches with rubber straps, looking like patterns of a tire tread. The casing of these watches are made with light and dark steel, and they also possess water resistance capacities of up to 100 meters.

The various premium features included in Technomarine watches appeal to every watch lover and fashion conscious individuals. These watches combine pure sophistication with style, functionality and impressive quality. The Technomarine brand continues to focus on integrating designs, attitudes, and luxury that showcases what the watch brand stands for. With the all-encompassing aim of delivering excellent watches that provide consumers with elegance and freedom, the brand is totally taking over the watch industry.

Technomarine watches are made by applying well-thought research and technological materials of the highest standards. The brand derives its inspiration from a natural phenomenon which depicts solitude and calmness. The natural rhythms of vast fields and the eloquence of the silent ocean are some of the places where the brand derives inspiration. From the initial design stage to the final implementation of different ideas, the Technomarine watch company applies a distinct mix of horological science and deep values. The application of these values constitutes the main reason why Technomarine watches represent an excellent brand that produces timepieces with impressive price points.

The Technomarine watches are built with the best materials: case, movement, leather. These achievements have earned the brand worldwide recognition and applause, as a respected watchmaking company in contemporary times.

The brand's watches are made for individuals with an active lifestyle. These elegant timepieces do not compromise on luxury even while you are on a motion. However, they project confidence that helps you take charge of every situation. Things happen unexpectedly at times, people change, locations differ, but the memories we make day after day remain intact.

With Technomarine watches, you make fun memories every day which creates happiness in you every time you recall them. An example of one of the most popular Technomarine timepiece is the Technomarine Men's TM-115069 Cruise California watch.

This timepiece will blow your mind. It is an elegant, sophisticated and straightforward watch. It has a minimalistic design which projects an aura of affluence and pure luxury.

The watch comes with an impressive water resistant capacity of up to 660 feet. This rock solid watch can withstand splashes, heavy rain, immersions, swimming, snorkeling and any form of diving. This watch is a complete package. Words are not sufficient to describe this beautiful timepiece.

The Technomarine Men's TM-115069 Cruise California Watch features a wide range of functionalities. It comes with unidirectional rotating bezel and deep blue canvas strap. It also sports Roman numeral hour markers which add to the elegance of this watch. The attractive blue dial with luminous silver tone hands, makes this watch the perfect delight for watch lovers. The watch is available in different wrist sizes to fit individual preferences. It also features a super accurate, high-performance Swiss Quartz movement. This quality movement will ensure that your Technomarine watch delivers quality time for many years to come.

The logo of the brand is displayed on the 12 o'clock position of the watch dial. Technomarine watches are the perfect blend of timekeeping science and ingenious engineering skill.

These watches combine ornamental and artistic features to give you a magnificent timepiece. The Technomarine watches favor a classic design which hints on brilliance and luxury. The brand's watches perfectly fit different attires from casual to formal wears.

The performance of different Technomarine watch models are known throughout the world to be impeccable, and this draws a lot of attention and consumers to the watch brand. The Technomarine watch brand is fast becoming a force to reckon with in the watch industry, with their impressive range of watches showcasing different features. These different Technomarine watches continue to offer satisfaction to several watch collectors and consumers all across the globe.

These fashion watches are known to leave spectators awed at the beauty and deep attention to details. The distinctiveness of Technomarine watches continues to offer consumers designs that project confidence and glows with beauty.

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