History of The Horse Watches

The Horse brand is a curated collection of leather lifestyle accessories designed in Sydney. The brand was established in 2009.

The brand is owned and operated by husband and wife, Scott and Amy Hawkes. All design processes and decisions concerning The Horse brand are made in their studio located in Sydney. The brand has a small team of professionals who understand what it takes to build impressive and sleek watches.

The brand manufactures classic and attractive timepieces designed with timeless elegance and refined simplicity. The Horse brand was established in 2009 by Scott and a friend - Gabrielle as a leather footwear brand over a coffee drink.

The idea to create this company was ignited when these two individuals saw a man walking past, wearing gorgeous brown leather shoes without any socks, one sunny day. The brand started producing products in this line. Their leather shoes are stapled styled, solidly made, and the brand began to garner a lot of attention in the fashion arena.

At the onset, the founders worked together as a young married couple on the Horse brand team.

The team faced many challenges in the early days and have learned so many lessons that now reflects time-tested beauty in their wide range of products.

The brand creates intriguing products that have lovely appeal and aesthetic value.

The Horse brand launched its "The Original" collection, a collection of gorgeous and minimalist timepieces in 2013. This was regarded as a notable milestone in the company's history.

The watches in this collection have since become the pride of The Horse brand. The brand's design philosophy is intriguing.

It centers around the essence of magnifying essential features and editing out the excesses in their watch products. The brand believes consumers can "buy once and buy well."

The brand continues to refine and expand their fairly wide range of timepieces. Each watch model produced by the brand showcases all of the brand's distinctive beauty.

Each watch designed by The Horse brand derives inspiration from the most subtle elements of nature, which resounds in perfect symphony with the world. The brand's watches express pure passion in anyone who wears them.

The brand's product offering is available for their consumers in a variety of ways. The forms and materials used in this brand's watches draw inspiration from symbolic elements that evoke confidence and simplicity.

The Horse watches are made of high-quality stainless steel, and this adds to the durability of the watch. The brand is one of the most popular homegrown brands in Australia. Since its inception, this accessories label has become well known for its collection of classic and elegant watches.

There's a watch for every individual with the brand's wide range of timepieces. Their watches include intriguing unisex timepieces, available in a variety of gorgeous faces and straps.

Sometimes, having a lot of choices can be overwhelming. However, it could also help you choose different watches for different occasions.

The Horse watches look good on a diverse range of attires, and they showcase an aura of beauty and class in your personality. The Horse brand started it all with the Horse watch collection. This collection of watches served as the brand's initial foray into the world of watches. The brand also created The Original watch collection in 2013, the watches in this collection being the ultimate embodiment of class and simplicity. The brand's watches are classic in style and are rid of any bells and whistles that may unnecessarily add to the weight of the watch.

Their watches are the perfect minimalist timepieces that complement many outfits. The faces of their watches are uncomplicated and straightforward, with the absence of numbers. There is an ample, white space on the faces of their watches, and this makes it quite easy to read the time by a furtive glance at the wrist.

Every Horse timepiece comes with a Japanese Quartz movement which requires little or no maintenance over the years of usage. The accurate movement also ensures that you get precise timing without any case of compromise. The brand's watches also come in the 42 mm diameter casing, and this case size draws attention to their timepieces wherever you wear it to. The watches come in the perfect size for males and females, and they sit comfortably on the hand without adding unnecessary weight to your wrist.

The Horse watches are the perfect timepieces for anyone who loves to keep things simple. The Horse Watch Original launched in 2013 is available in a slew of neutral colored bands and faces.

These watches are suitable for individuals that prefer simple, understated accessories. The Horse Watch Original is a watch that looks gorgeous and reflects minimalism. This watch by the Horse brand is made from a 316 L stainless steel and Sapphire glass.

These materials used, add to the durability and strength of the watch. Regarding aesthetics, these Original watches feature the same design as the brand's first watch collection.

A slight difference is that there is an additional soft nubuck lining to every watch band in this collection. These watches feature a plain style with a dash of fun, playful colors. Any watch in this collection could be a brilliant selection for you due to their uniqueness.

The colors of the Original watches are slightly different and outgoing. There is a wider color gamut for you to select from.

If you are looking out for a unique watch with impressive features, then the range of Original Horse timepieces are your best bet. The second watch style released by The Horse brand was The Horse Watch Classic. The watches in this collection serve as important complements to both friendly and relaxed attire.

The form factor is slightly different than other watch collections. This difference is seen in both the size of the watch face and the width of the band.

This small size makes it quite feminine, and it could be an excellent choice for individuals with smaller wrists. The smaller sub-dial of these watches counts down the second.

This is an added feature that doesn't erode the simplicity the brand is known for. The watches in this collection feature elegant stitching down the sides of the band.

This adds a nice aura to the Classic watch. The band looks more casual with this stitch design while still possessing the right balance of simplicity and luxury. These watches serve as the most preferred choice of women.

Due to its style and elegant form, The Horse Watch Classic looks good on ladies and complements their personality. The watches come in a more traditional size which doesn't have a big face.

Ultimately, this watch serves as a good option for women who prefer a timepiece that looks more conventional.

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