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The history of the August Steiner brand is an intriguing story. The company was founded in 2006. There is a wide range of August Steiner watches available to help each makes a lasting fashionable statement with their watches.

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This brand is committed to producing watches that are perfect for today's active consumers. These watches are beautiful and adorned with quality features that are sure to awe watch lovers and enthusiasts. On top of this, these watches are offered at incredibly affordable prices. The company doesn't have a public profile but has a website which includes a short story about the brand.

The August Steiner brand was founded in 2006. The CEO of the August Steiner brand is unknown and little is known about the founder of this watch brand. The August Steiner brand is a relatively new watch brand in the horological industry.

Within a short period, the brand has garnered a lot of ardent followers and fans due to the attractive designs of their watches. Their timepieces feature a beautiful dial with other impressive features that exude a commendable elegance.

The brand is exceptionally dedicated to manufacturing distinctive timepieces that carry stylish designs, that catches the attention of fashion enthusiasts. The brand has experienced massive growth since its establishment, and they are known for seamlessly combining class and functionality. Although, every August Steiner watch model has its collection with a general theme, however, each of their watches can stand on its features.

A solid foundation that the brand started their production activities on is quality. The brand produces high-quality watches that reflect the making process of these timepieces. The brand backs up its watch products with an impressive warranty, and all their watches are crafted using the finest materials available.

The brand's watches give you the odd feeling of familiarity and elegance. The August Steiner watches offer innovative styling in their timepieces. These watches have great build qualities and come in a wide variety of designs. Their watch products are nice looking and likely to last for many years.

If you want to buy more than one August Steiner watch, there are too many excellent models for you to choose from. And they are offered at reasonable prices. The brand's watches feature a day and date dial. They also come with a 24-hour indicator.

All of these features are packaged in the attractive and durable stainless steel casing. The August Steiner watches are quite dependable when it comes to keeping accurate time. They come fitted with quality movements that ensure that you enjoy an impeccable watch experience.


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These watches only lose about 10 seconds over years of usage. The brand sources most materials used in their watches from Japan or Switzerland.

This is especially true for the movements of their watch collections.

This includes the automatic movements that are often included in their watch collection design.

The August Steiner brand assembles all its watch parts in China and throughout the APAC region. At the base of the dial of August Steiner watches, the words "Swiss Quartz" are written visibly. The same goes for the back case also. This verbiage means that the Quartz used in these watches are imported from Switzerland. The brand also imports the movements of their watches from Japan.

Multi-function timepiece inspired by racecar instruments!

Both of these imports are then assembled with other materials into whole watches in China. This method of production adopted by the brand is what allows it to be able to create reasonably affordable watches that possess enhanced durability when compared to other related watch brands.

The brand is committed to producing watches that showcase proven technologically advanced features, classic designs that awe both critic and fan. The alluring innovative capacity of the company allows it to create incredible watches and offer them at the best possible price. Every new August Steiner watch offered in the various timepiece collection comes with a two-year limited warranty.

This is a reasonably competitive warranty offering when compared to other similar brands. This warranty covers only defects in the materials or craftsmanship used to manufacture each watch. However, any damage that is either accidental or that occurs as a result of normal wear and tear is not covered by warranty on these watches.

The build of August Steiner watches is adequate for normal day-to-day usage. The brand uses a rock solid mineral crystal to protect their watch face and stainless steel casing. The brand's watches also come with water-resistant features. Usually, the water resistance capacity of these watches ranges from 30 to 50 meters. The bracelets of their watches are made using quality stainless steel, leather or rubber, depending on the watch model.

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Generally, August Steiner watches are stylish timepieces made for everyday wear and offered at affordable prices that won't hurt the purse. The brand's watches are well made and compete favorably with other similar brands. The technical innovation in August Steiner watches is impeccable.

The brand is taking proven technology and incorporating these into attractive designs. The robust business model of the brand helps it to make a wide range of amazing watches with cutting-edge features. Styling is where the August Steiner watches excel most. If you want classic designs or sleek outlooks, the brand has it all. The brand also produces sporty watches with chronographic features.

They have watches with other features such as unusual dials and skeleton cases. The brand also produces watches that are suitable for daily wear, business wear, and sportswear.

The August Steiner watches offer a great variety of styling that can't be found in other brands. However, if you are looking for genuine gold or diamond watches, you won't find these in August Steiner watches. The August Steiner watches offer consumers quality features in their watches at prices that don't break the bank.

The brand is known for its exceptional customer service and care. The customer service representatives of the August Steiner brand will address your issues, questions, and comments in a friendly tone and manner.

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