History of Fanmis Watches

Fanmis is the trademark for a China-based group that deals in jewelry products like bracelets, brooches, precious stones and pearls. The group is also involved in the production and sale of timepieces like watches, clocks and their spare parts.

The word “Fanmis," although has no meaning in any language foreign to China, was first used in December 2013, when the company was to be established. Subsequently, a registration request was filed with the United States Patents and Trademark Office in July 2014 for the brand's patent application, by Wang Qiao Yi.

The brand name was finally registered on March 3, 2015. The Fanmis group was started by some manufacturers in China, with the vision to provide people with high-quality watches at affordable prices, and with this noble goal, this group of manufacturers started business. Fanmis Online Store and other online stores like Amazon supply the watch products to China and the international world, especially the United States, where they have a lot of fans. A name which did eventually find a place of comfort in the hearts of people around the world, Fanmis currently boasts of millions of sales around the globe. In line with the company's vision, much effort has been committed to making watches that present unquestionable grade of excellence, for people with high taste but low budget.

Fanmis watches compete conveniently with high-priced brands, representing a presentation of beauty, durability, function and financial comfort. Indeed, the goal of the company has been achieved to laudable degrees. For example, the Fanmis Black Dial GMT Automatic wristwatch is a perfect match for the Panerai Luminor Marina, with a wide price difference as listed by online retail stores that make you fall in love with it.

The Reginald Men's Luminous Rotatable Bezel Sapphire Watch has a close resemblance to a Rolex watch. It is actually very easy to conclude that some Fanmis products are simply "homage" watches meant to be replicas of these other brands. However, these Fanmis homage watches are well built and are very pleasing to the pocket. Production of these homage watches does not require so much of stress and attention as these other watches exhibit. Instead, they deserve to be held in a distinct class of their own, which obviously, they easily do.

Presently, as widespread as the name “Fanmis” is, not all watches listed under that brand-name actually bear it on their dial. This is because the name is simply a marketing brand for several manufacturers with a common goal. Numerous sports watches, both mechanical and digital, are sold on the Fanmis Online Store, yet they have other names. For instance, the Fanmis Blue Dial Ceramic Bezel Sapphire Glass Luminous Quartz Watch has “Reginald" on its dial. Likewise, the Fanmis Geneva Chronograph Look Watch has the name “Geneva.”

One of the most commonly patronized products in the Fanmis collection is the Fanmis Sports Digital LED Casual Military Multifunctional Wristwatch, which has two time zones, a 164FT waterproof resistance, and comes in many shades for men, women, and boys. Another series of watches, equally popular, perhaps, even more, are the S-Shock Multifunction watches. These watches are mostly waterproof and can tolerate higher environmental pressures. This superb quality makes them the quest of aviators, soldiers, racers, divers and many more who engage in tough situations. Innovation met technology, and creativity could not bear to be left out. Exemplary to this is the Fanmis Bluetooth Smart Watch, designed for smartphones, especially iOS Apple, Android Samsung, and HTC Nokia.

This watch especially satisfies people who will not be held down by the common wears, who do not want to put their trust on mechanical chronographs. It displays the time and date, and even the battery level of the connected phone, and has a 1.48" Capacitive Touch Screen. It also has impressive features such as the stopwatch, calendar, and call synchronization. It can play music directly from your phone, has a standby time of 120 hours and has an altitude meter. This Fanmis watch is sleek, small, and comfortable, it is a welcome companion for anyone's wrist.

Similarly, Fanmis Men's Luxury Analog watch is a real luxury, a favorite of men who want precise timekeeping, durability, and fashion. The watch commands attention, with its glittering stainless steel band strap and well-hardened mineral glass to prevent damage due to accidental drops. It is resistant to water to pressures up to 3 atmospheres, and these make it just suitable for daily use. It is equipped with a Japanese movement for fine precision and accuracy, and a Japanese battery for long-term usability. The scratch-resistant face, and the stainless steel, water-resistant case, makes it a worthy accessory. For nerds, male and female, the Mickey LED watch is just a perfect match. If you are a woman or girl that loves to look mysterious yet gorgeous, it is just what you need. Featuring a silicone strap, this watch boasts of amazing durability. More mysterious-looking but actually fascinating is the Fanmis Analog Quartz Wristwatch with compass and thermometer function, making it just perfect for military personnel and people in the world of sports, especially racers and climbers.

Fanmis watches are very affordable, and unquestionably, high-quality movements, cases, and straps are used. These features ensure precision, minimize possibilities of functional derangements, and provide time-tested strength and ruggedness to make sure you fully enjoy your Fanmis watch. Carefully considering circumstances surrounding the origin of Fanmis Watches, it is not difficult to understand why it is a dear name to people all over the world. With their affordable prices, pure comfortability, strength, and visual appeal; loving Fanmis watches becomes a daily routine.

The Fanmis online store provides a wide variety of Fanmis watches on display for you to select from. With reputable online retail stores like Amazon and eBay listing very many Fanmis products, the opportunity of being in control of time becomes almost effortless for you.

The story of Fanmis presents a wonderful history filled with a lot to learn in industrial production and the place Fanmis watches can take in the minds of people. With China's growing economy, her expanding manufacturing industries, and these kinds of premium and affordable watches, it is apparent that it is a matter of time before the nation takes a steady lead in international trade. Beyond just being a trademark for a fashion and utility group, Fanmis is an example that should be copied by every organization. To build a brand of quality that is easily accessible to the everyday man, to create better and happier lives for people at affordable costs. Soon to come, with growing international trust, many already firmly established brands may have to oblige to queuing behind the Fanmis brand.

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