History of Heritor Watches

The Heritor brand is a famous brand created by the American fashion watchmaker - ResultCo. These watchmakers produce many brands with about 17 currently listed on their website.

The Heritor brand is the ideal 21st-century international watch brand. While the watch designs are approved and finalized in America, the parts used in their production activities are sourced from all other parts of the world. This sourcing is dependent on quality and value.

The brand makes use of high-grade stainless steel, and the leather material used is genuine. The leather materials are sourced from Italy and are used for many of their watch straps.

The parts of the brand's watch movements are also obtained from different countries across the globe. This is done to create a quality product with impressive value ultimately.

From one generation to another, vital lessons are acquired, and victories are won. History is made, and great feats are achieved. Wisdom and critical information are passed to individuals.

For any brand to craft a legacy, it takes more than a lifetime, and choosing a timepiece that is worthy to be told as part of your story is quite remarkable. In every Heritor watch, there is a quality precision crafted jeweled automatic movement that ensures accurate timing.

The automatic movements included in their watches uses the energy in a spiral spring which is referred to as the mainspring. This part is self-wound by the natural movement of the wearer's wrist, which leads to a completely functional timepiece.

Automatic movements were being used as far back as 1773 to the period when pocket watches were created. Even till this era, automatic movements are cherished for their reliability and have been utilized in a wide range of great watches since the 1980's. The timeless quality of automatic movements has earned them a unique place in every Heritor's surgical grade stainless steel casing.

Every Heritor watch is designed to feature a quality design crafted using high-quality materials. They are all powered by dynamic wrist movements which are fully automatic. You won't find any quartz timepiece in any of Heritor's watch collection.

The brand focuses on creating classic watches that can be passed from one generation to the other without depreciation in quality. The brand has no plan of venturing into the smartwatch market. The Heritor watch designs seen in their popular watches take their needed inspiration from history.

Recently, the company released two new watch collection which is the Montclair and Aura collection. These two watch collections were inspired by skillful craftsmanship and impressive artistry that is rare in watches these days.

The Heritor Montclair watch collection is excellent. This collection features a polished wooden bezel which comes with a stainless steel casing crafted to reflect the personality and the awesome design of retro speedboats.

The Heritor Aura collection, on the other hand, pays respect to the alluring design and beauty of stained glass windows. The watches in the collection are built using a distinct enamel design fitted on a custom dial. The watches also come with a hinged back cover to achieve this design.

The Heritor brand is proud of its automatic and mechanical watch movements. The brand is known to test all the movements used in their watches for time accuracy before being assembled and included in their watches. Once the movement is approved, then the watch can be put together. Quality assurance test and other premium test are also carried out on every Heritor watch to ensure that these watches are of premium standards.

The Heritor brand aims to become a household brand name in the next 15 years, with their wide range of watches that reflect advancements in fashion trend with alluring beauty.

A quite popular watch by the brand is the Heritor Automatic HR1102 Thomson Men's Watch. This timepiece is sturdily built with a 42 mm stainless steel case that has a thickness of 13 mm. The watch is being paired up with a black crocodile embossed genuine leather strap that fastens with a buckle style clasp. The dial features an interesting design with its engraved sunray finish. The use of separate sub-dials for the second and hour display. The watch features a 24-hour subdial which reflects a modern taste.

The watch dial has an impressive design with its engraved sunray finish and the usage of distinct sub-dials for the hour and seconds display. At the top of the dial is a 24-hour subdial, this Heritor watch is powered by a 22 jewel self-winding automatic movement that has a 21,600 BPH and relatively average accuracy. The power reserve on this beautiful movement is about 32 hours. You can view the movement of the watch through the back case.

The watch also features a sapphire coated mineral crystal glass on the front and rear portions of the watch.This offers excellent scratch protection against dust, nicks, and cracks.The timepiece also features a 50m water resistance rating, which ensures that the watch withstands water spillage and mild rain.

Another popular watch by the Heritor brand is the Heritor Automatic Watch Kornberg Men's Timepiece. This watch comes with a moon phase complication. This stylish watch has a 42 mm PVD rose plated stainless steel casing with a thickness of 14 mm. It comes adorned with a genuine leather strap that fastens with a buckle style clasp. The dial of this watch features a keyhole skeleton design with the balance wheel of the watch movement on display. At the 12 o'clock position of the dial are a date and moon phase indicator. It also features a Roman numeral style hour marker and rose gold colored hands for detail. The timepiece is powered by an automatic movement that doesn't require a battery as it charges through the movement of your hand. The movement of this watch can be viewed through the case back of the watch. Like most models also, this watch is powered by a 50m water resistance rating.

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