History of Invicta Watches

The Invicta brand was created more than a century ago in 1837 by Raphael Picard in Chiasso, Switzerland. The word "Invicta" is a Latin word which means "Invincible." This company is led by invention and sustained by the continual delivering of brand distinction and quality.

The founder, Richard Picard believed that high-quality watches could be offered to consumers at affordable sums. The company still holds true to its founder's objective till today. The Invicta brand at the outset made mechanical and automatic timepieces.

In the year 1837, the first Invicta watches were produced. These watches were handcrafted and released for purchase at affordable prices. Today, the same ingenious spirit guiding the company has now transformed it into a formidable brand praised all over the world for quality timepiece products. Like most brands of the time, Invicta all but vanished during the quartz movement (electronic watches) in the 1970's.

In 1991, the descendants of the Invicta family came together and re-established the brand following its closure in the 1970's. With the company's effort to hold firmly to the founding principles of the brand, consumers progressively recognized the watch brand as the leading producer of Swiss timepieces. The Invicta Watch Group is currently the fastest growing watch company and is totally overhauling the balance of power in the industry. The brand made sure to penetrate into the unmined section of the watch industry, by producing fine Swiss quality timepieces at pocket-friendly prices. Following its reestablishment, the company moved its primary operation base from Switzerland.

The company has continued to design its watches but outsources the manufacturing process to other third-party companies in Switzerland and the Far East. As a result of this, the Invicta watches are assembled on several continents, but irrespective of the locations, the company still produces high-quality Invicta watches. The company continues to uphold its firm belief of creating high-quality watches for consumers at modest sums.

In many parts of the world, Swiss watches are highly coveted and cherished. The Invicta brand is Swiss-made, and this has led to the increase in its popularity and preference by many. The brand's name was well established and widespread for more than a century.

In the timeline of the Invicta brand, two characteristics have always made the brand stand out; Gorgeous designs and Quality build. These characteristics are true today as it were a century ago. Due to this, the company is still winning different awards each year. The Invicta brand has set a precedent as creative leaders in case compilations. They have advanced the fastidious art of case construction and brought it to a new stage. The expertise and ingenuity of the company's design and construction team have greatly influenced the reputation and class attributed to the brand. The company is still privately owned by the descendants of the Invicta founder, and the founding ideologies are deeply ingrained in every Invicta watch. The company has set exceptional standards and wishes to maintain this by continually satisfying customers and collectors alike at affordable price points.

In 2000, the company focused on crafting a premium, comfortable and oversized timepiece. This purpose led to the creation of the professional dive watch, the Ocean Ghost, and the classy Lupah watch collection. The brand currently has grown to produce over 30 diverse collections. Today, Invicta timepieces are growing in popularity with their many styles of beautiful watches. The company is dedicated to providing you with the very best at prices that anyone can afford. The brand uses cutting-edge machines and technology to create high-quality watches using premium materials. The company also utilizes anti-reflective sapphire crystals to protect your timepiece from scratch and dust.

The Invicta Watch group has a watch to please everyone with their wide range of product lines. The Pro Diver, Angel, and Elite lines are some of the company's most popular products. The company strives to produce innovative, gorgeous and classy watches for their consumers in different nations. By utilizing premium materials generally used by highly priced watches, the company has commanded a lot of excitement and has won over many enthusiasts and retailers to the amazement of competitors.

Invicta has become one of the most technically advanced watchmakers through their production of different styles of watches. These watches range from those with skeletonized movements to watches with gold layered cases. The company is affiliated with many institutions, but the most notable partnership is that between Invicta and Jason Taylor. This partnership has resulted in a breathtaking line of watches for consumers with premium tastes. This collection of watches are Limited and offers ingenious concepts created by Jason Taylor and the Invicta Design team.

Newer designs, as well as existing ones, have been adeptly modified and beautifully refurbished by Jason to capture his taste and style. The consistent achievements in quality and design have turned a good number of consumers into dedicated collectors. Over half of buyers of Invicta watches own at least 10 Invictas, and these faithful consumers keep increasing by the thousands annually. Due to this growth and rave created among collectors, the brand has created the Invicta Collectors Club. This club offers dedicated collectors the opportunity to enjoy the highest levels of premium attention. For example, when a collector joins, they are given a sought-after favorite watch, the Invicta High Impact Dive Case. Such individuals are also given access to exclusive promotions created specifically for them to enjoy.

The company's original watch concepts and skillful execution in design are ingrained in the performance and aesthetic of each Invicta watch.With more than 30 collections, the brand is fully furnished to suit their consumer's diverse tastes.

The company aims to achieve innovative and technical masterpieces from different perspectives. As a result of this, Invicta watches have grown to become an accomplished embodiment of engineering and superior design. If you want quality watches that will last for many years, Invicta watches are your best bet. The company produces adeptly crafted, beautifully designed, high-grade Swiss watches. Who doesn't want that? And the company also provides all these at affordable price points.

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