History of Jaragar Watches

Jaragar is a watch brand that is part of the Guangzhou Ruixue Watch Company Limited (also known as Forsining Watch Company Limited). The manufacturing section of the company is located in Guangzhou, China. The Forsining Watch Company Limited produces watches that are marketed under a number of brand names including Forsining, Winner, and Jaragar.

The Jaragar brand has grown over the years and currently has a lot of consumers across the globe. There are fewer brands that stay faithful to the philosophy of manufacturing well-built watches that also represents an excellent price point for value like this brand. This quality makes the Jaragar brand the best choice for watch lovers that don't really have thousands of dollars to spend on highly priced watches. The Jaragar watches use moderately priced mechanical movements.

These movements are standard Chinese movements, often referred to as "Tongji" movements. This particular movement type was developed in the People's Republic of China during the fourth series of the nation's plan in the 1970s. The development of the movement went hand-in-hand with the total consolidation of the watch industry. This meant that almost all the watch factories present in China at the time were required to produce this movement massively in the stead of using their own calibers. The standard or unified watch movement was created by a design team consisting of engineers from some Chinese watch factories including the Jaragar factory.

The project commenced in 1969 with the production of SZ-1 movement. The blueprint for this watch movement was completed in late 1971. The philosophy behind the Tongji movement used by Jaragar watches was to create decent mechanical watches that will be available to every worker in China at the time. The aim of the engineers who worked in the creation of the new movement was to aid in the availability of watches for everyone, while at the same time maintaining a suitable level of accuracy and reliability found in the watches the movements were used for. Therefore, the basic specifications of the movements used in Jaragar watches as a result of this vital decision was a minimum of 17 jewels, a 21,600 bph escapement, an accuracy to within plus or minus thirty seconds per day and a basic minimum of 40 hours power reserve. As these movements were being used, the Jaragar brand began to incorporate these movements into other watch models. The result was the creation of a variety of Jaragar watches that had different qualities and features.

At first, the quality of the Tongji movements used in Jaragar watches were high and had a dependable accuracy score. The movement was made in both hand wind and automatic forms and a larger one was manufactured for pocket watches. The movement was later produced in larger quantities by other factories. These Tongji movements dominated the Chinese watch market well into the 1980's before the Quartz crisis ever began to affect Chinese mechanical watch production.

Generally, the watch production rate drastically increased till 1982, even with over 80% of the watches produced at that time utilizing the Tangji movement. These movements are also used in Jaragar watches.

Jaragar watches are very beautiful watches. They serve as attractive fashion accessories for fashion and casual wears. Their watches are very comfortable as they sit perfectly on the wrist while compensating for the size.

This makes the watches very convenient to wear for a long time. These Jaragar watches feature a very strong casing made with 316 L stainless steel to endure durability. These watches create an attention-grabbing effect on people wherever you wear it to, and it perfectly matches any ensemble you could wear. If you want to sport a classic and stylish outlook, Jaragar watches are the perfect watches to do that.

They come with up-to-date technological features and their designs are deeply rooted in the traditional styling approach. These watches are suitable for different occasions, be it formal or casual. They are also affordable to consumers and are offered at prices that don't hurt the purse.

A very popular Jaragar watch used widely is the Jaragar JR13. This watch is a good sized watch with large Roman numerals lined across the edges of the dial. The hands are painted with flashy silver to ensure that the watch is readable even in low light conditions. The hands of the watches are coated with a thin layer of illumined paint but night vision may be limited to some extent. The crown of the watch is located on the right edge of the timepiece with a pushbutton situated just above it. This pushbutton is used to adjust the date of the month. Another pushbutton is located below the crown and is mainly used for changing the month of the year. The day of the week is adjusted using a depressed button on the left edge of the watch. The strap of this intriguing watch is made of genuine leather and comes with a thick feel and black hue.

This watch is an elegant timepiece with its complete gleaming case and shiny metal pushbuttons. It also features attractively designed sub-dials which exude an aura of luxury. The watch also comes with a window at the button to enable consumers to view the internal workings of the watch movement. This watch looks great on the wrist and could easily be mistaken as a premium priced timepiece. With its accurate movement and cool functionalities, you can't go wrong using this Jaragar watch.

Generally, in all their wide range of watches, the Jaragar brand has shown that it is committed to manufacturing great watches that combine sporty looks with elegant appearance. The Jaragar watches are very comfortable to wear and will give you a confident outlook wherever you go. This company is a great watchmaking brand that produces good watches at affordable prices. Certainly, this brand is worthy of laud.

The Jaragar brand reflects a symbol of great status and personality. The company has garnered a lot of fans as well as lovers and media outlets by its wide range of watch collection. By carefully blending classic styles with subtle attractiveness, this company has produced watches that will showcase any individual's affluence and personal beauty.

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