History of Shark Watches

The Shark watch brand is a sports watch company founded in 1997. The brand targets the younger generation with its wide range of exciting timepieces.

The brand was created by a group of young fashion designers and sports enthusiasts who had a common goal of building an international brand.

The Shark brand was initially known for its packaging, appearance and the materials utilized. However, after 2010, the Shark Sports Watch added innovative creations to its accessories.

In the latter part of 2015, the Shark Sports Watch was authorized by Warner Bros. to design and craft four watches for the blockbuster movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in China.

The founders selected the brand name because of the sharks in the oceans that never stop swimming: if they ever stop, they would sink. The brand chose the name in relation to the vitality and vigor of young men and their new approach to fashion.

We all know that youths are interested in new trends, and are always ready to try out new ideas. Shark watches are known to undergo two stages of prototyping. This includes the movements, casing, hands and other components.

The developmental stage leads to another set of tests which includes physical impact, heat variations, and rate regularity. These tests are meant to simulate the wear and tear process that watches are subjected to with usage.

These series of tests applied on the prototypes are beyond the scope of normal testing and have been an academic research point for educators. It was until 2010 before the Shark Sports Watch gained its impressive reputation in the market.

The company keeps transforming its watch design from time to time to provide men with great watches that blend with a wide range of attires. Since a watch is not just a mere time telling tool, the Shark watches makes statements of who you are when you wear them.

Their watch designs lead the way in men's fashion accessories, and they catch the attention of onlookers. The Shark brand offers younger men a wide range of designs to select from.

Now, consumers can take advantage of the Shark watches to stand out instead of using the same style of old watches.

The 21st century has brought change, and in these changing times, men adopt changing fashion as their ambition changes. The Shark brand is well capable of handling these changes by producing great designs that vary with time.

The Shark brand gives consumers a brand new experience of accessories, with new styles being dispensed to the market from time to time.

The brand encourages feedback and ideas from their consumers, and this helps them in the innovative process which leads to even greater watch designs. From inception, the brand has always listened to its consumers. The Shark Watch focuses on branded and product designs that exceed the requirements of the market.

Shark pays a lot of attention to details, and this can be seen in the design of their watches. The company improves on its packaging and materials with every passing year, which helps to build the brand appearance.

During these years of production, the brand gained widespread attention from thousands of consumers, and this helped them in the expansion process they needed to reach more individuals.

As the brand's social popularity grew, their reputation also increased. The brand is now a respected watch brand across the world. Shark gives consumers a wide range of choice of designs to choose from, to suit different occasions and attires.

The brand is proud to be called the watch designer with a difference. The brand color is red, and this color is associated with vitality, power, energy, passion, strength, desire and love. The color has been chosen carefully because it rightly depicts the characteristic of bold young men.

The brand's insignia also features a shield. Soldiers have used shields in ancient times, and the Shark brand uses this symbol in representing men who are tough.

With the color choice - Red and the shield with the Shark brand name, the company depicts young men who are courageous, healthy and vigorous.

In the designs of Shark watches, red is a common color, and it is usually paired up with black, as the two colors complement each other. The brand's experienced design team ensures that each Shark watch built is crafted with extreme patience and dedication.

This makes these watches high fashion statements on anyone who wears it. The brand strives to make fashion statements by impressing its wide range of consumers. The hallmarks of the Shark brand are an original design and continuous improvement.

The packaging box of Shark watches are not only beautiful to behold, but they are also made of high caliber materials that reflect the effort expended in the watch design process.

Every Shark package comes with fine detailing that reflects the Shark brand principles. The Shark watches are divided into four collections namely, Shark Fashion, Racing Shark, Duo Shark and the Limited Edition Watches.

The movements of Shark watches are the core of these timepieces. The company pays a great deal of attention to crafting well-built movements that reflect strength and reliability.

The specialists in the company carefully assemble all the various parts of any movement to be used in their watches by checking if all the parameters meet the required standard. They do this by subjecting these movements to various tests and paying careful attention to the last detail.

The skilled engineers in the company's design team oversee the whole production process, from the design stage to the final production of different tiny pieces used in their watches. Sometimes, up to 200 small pieces have to be assembled while paying careful attention to detail. These little pieces have to be packed into a small space of a couple of diameters.

The pieces have similar interactions and must be arranged to work together to ensure the reliability and durability of the Watch. Each part or material used in Shark watches undergo adequate decoration and finishing operations.

These processes are carried out so that each Shark watch is a proud ambassador of the brand's principle.

If you're looking out to get a watch that packs a lot of great features and showcases pure sophistication, then the Shark Watch is definitely for you.

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