History of Steinhausen Watches

The Steinhausen watch brand originated from a highly publicized watchmaker, Ulrich Van-Heusen. Steinhausen watches are awesome timepieces with an incredible history.Over the past years, the Steinhausen brand has become one of the most recognizable watch brands in the world.

The company is also into a wide variety of watch winders and general men's accessories. From the classic Steinhausen watch to the modern wonder of the Dunn Horizontal Ultra-thin calendar watch, the Steinhausen company has grown to become a worldwide brand.

The watch company is known for its breathtaking modern designs and awesome traditional styles. The story of the Steinhausen brand is like no other. The founder of this watch company is a master watch craftsman who contributed immensely to the production of the world's first automatic calendar watch. The product of this great effort gave birth to a perfect watch, the first of its kind, one that possesses the date, day, month and AM/PM functions.

The brand is named after the town where the creator, Ulrich Van-Heusen lived in Switzerland. Reborn with incredible craftsmanship and modern, cutting-edge technology, the first recreation of the Steinhausen classic watches came to the USA in the early 2000s.

When the brand started producing watches in 1923, its watches were distinct as they were now. Each watch is a product of painstaking design and research efforts. The rare Classic Steinhausen timepieces launched the brand name into what it is today.

These classic watches possess incredible features such as the enamel ivory face, classic Roman numerals design, kinetic movement and scratch resistant mineral glass and so much more. The Steinhausen watches are affordable with each watch in their collection possessing an aura of affluence and luxury. These watches allow you to expand your impressive watch collection without hurting your purse. You get the best value for money with Steinhausen watches.

The company continually evolves with technology and makes conscious effort to improve the watch collection line to satisfy its wide range of consumers. Improvement is a core quality that the brand cherishes, and it incorporates it into its product line with unparalleled service and customer support. The brand also offers a lifetime warranty on all the watches in its Dunn Horitzon Thin Swiss collection. As an added benefit, the company offers to all its customers, a one-year performance guarantee on all watch winders.

The brand boasts of its incredible dedication to customer satisfaction and pleasure. The company utilizes the feedback it gets from consumers of the wide range of watches and makes necessary corrections till customers get the best at peculiar price points.

The company is organized as a family business with deep-rooted values that span through generations. The brand offers the exclusive personal touch you enjoy when dealing with a family run brand.

Irrespective of where you visit, be it departmental stores, retail stores or Amazon, the Steinhausen watches are made to give you the ultimate satisfaction and functionality you desire in a watch.

One of the brand's most popular watch is the Steinhausen Men's S0519 Classic Burgdorf Watch. This watch is a sleek and classy looking timepiece that comes with a genuine and durable leather strap. It is comfortable to wear and doesn't weigh down on your wrist. This incredible watch has a simple recurring build and a polished stainless steel casing that adequately protects the accurate Swiss quartz movement that drives the watch. One unique feature in the Burgdorf  Watch is its great functionalities. This timepiece also packs many awesome features without compromising its simple and well-detailed design. The watch has a rounded dial window and second watch hand that depicts nothing but luxury and refinement. The aesthetics of this watch is an attention grabber due to its elegant design and impressive characteristics. This watch perfectly combines style and precision in a way that keeps attracting loyal fans and watch lovers.

You can always go a step further on your ensemble and outlook by using the Steinhausen men's watches S0519 Classic Burgdorf watches. This watch comes with an impressive build and great features that will keep you questing for more. It also comes with a perfect date function that ingeniously complements your great look.

Steinhausen watches are real treasures that every man must have in his wardrobe collection. The watches are fitted with high-quality stainless steel to ensure that your watch lasts for a long time, and they use accurate movement that keeps time well.

If you're looking out to purchase a graceful watch, filled with style and modern design and at the same time affordable, Steinhausen watches are for you. When thinking of purchasing great timepieces, Steinhausen watches are to be reckoned with.

These watches are brilliantly built up with quality materials to reflect a contemporary artistic sentiment. Any Steinhausen watch you purchase will establish your look as classy and sophisticated. These watches are very accurate timepieces that pass as reliable to elicit a great compliment to your result driven personality. With its attractive and well-detailed features, the Steinhausen watches are forged to stand the test of time.

The brand reflects pure and original designs filled with great inspiration, ascertaining that the company keeps being relevant even to the future. With the wide range of Steinhausen watches possessing different specifications and qualities, you can't go wrong with these great timepieces.

The brand does its best to deliver great watches to their customers who buy from authorized dealers or directly from the brand's website. The brand name is fast becoming one of positivity that you may care to share with your children and grandchildren.

The Steinhausen brand has an ever increasing list of more than 35 watch styles, sunglasses, watch winder styles, wallets, cuff links, money clips and other fashion accessories that their customers love. The brand is committed to continue improving the quality of its watch products, as new technologies are dispensed. The brand's level of customer service and product quality is impeccable. The brand through adroit craftsmanship and well-detailed research continues to influence the watch industry in many ways.

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