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Why Are Hublot Watches So Expensive?

Reason 1 - The history

Men and women across the globe consider Hublot luxury timepieces to be Swiss watchmaking at its finest. This highly sought-after brand was created by Carlo Crocco, an Italian designer, in 1980. Carlo was the first person to integrate natural black rubber bracelets into a watchmaking scenario, and Crocco’s company is currently operating as a fully owned subsidiary of one of the largest fashion brands in history, LVMH. Crocco desired to create an elegant, popular, and fashionable watch that customers all across the globe would desire.

The brand has become an inspiration for watch-makers across the world who desire the creative freedom that the company possesses. The master craftsmen and their tedious attention to detail create unique timepieces that have carved out a name for themselves over the last three decades.

Key Hublot Watch Models

Classic fusion blue king gold

The Classic Fusion Blue King Gold draws inspiration from the very first line of Hublot timepieces created in the 1980s. This watch sports a rounded case with a bezel fastened by visible screws, and a signature rubber strap. The Classic Fusion Blue King Gold also incorporates modern materials such as ceramic and titanium along with traditional metals like gold and steel to create a classic, modern watch.

2 Hublot Big Bang Watches next to each other in with gold write bands and blue dials

Big Bang 44mm - Model Big Bang Sang Bleu II Limited Addition

The Big Bang watch is 44mm in diameter and has sharpened angles, but still sports the Hublot fusion of gold, ceramic, and rubber. The Big Bang also features a satin finish and a dial that is stamped in carbon. This beautiful, elegant watch is one of the most popular Hublot watches and is available in 18K red gold with black ceramic. Buyers can also choose the tantalum bezel option or the Big Bang that comes with a metallic bracelet made of steel. The Big Bang watch is diverse yet attractive, making it one of Hublot’s most elegant watches yet. 

BIG BANG SANG BLEU II LIMITED ADDITION with blue ribber strap and gold frame and blue dial

Big Bang King - model shown Big Bang Ferrari Carbon King Gold

The Big Bang King is 48 mm in diameter compared to the Big Bang, which is only 44 mm in diameter. The Big Bang King is known to adjust to different wrist sizes well, and the red gold and white Porto Cervo are two great examples of this. The colors of the Big Bang King watch are light, airy, and luminous, which make it a popular watch amongst women. The Big Bang King is also a scuba diving watch that is uniquely pressurized to withstand traveling into great depths. If you’re looking for an incredibly versatile watch, the Big Bang King is a great one to look into. It can be worn in refined, formal scenarios as well as in sporty ones.


Reason 2 - The Manufacturing PrOcess

The company is famous for being the first watch designer to combine gold and rubber to produce a watch. Crocco’s desire to craft an adaptable, durable, and stylish watch birthed a company that has changed the history of timepieces. In French, 'Hublot' means 'porthole', and Hublot watches are porthole shaped.

Hublot’s most popular and attractive feature is the rubber that perfectly contours to a wearer’s wrist. This functionality allows for comfort and weightlessness, which are two things that many watches lack. Consequently, the Hublot watch has become a go-to watch for anyone who plays sports or works with their hands.

One of the stand out reasons for the price of a Hublot is its unique design. The rubber of the watch band stands in direct contrast to the dials of the watch face and still complements it well. Hublot headquarters in Switzerland where each watch is given hands-on attention, from creation to testing, before being shipped to boutiques across the world.

REASON 3 - THE Branding

The key branding is one of luxury and quality. They portray themselves as a company that creates watches for the consumers who have the resources to purchase a top quality wristwatch that is accompanied with unparalleled design. make them unique. Hublot has a strong web and social media presence, consistently interacting with their clients and doing their best to keep them satisfied. An effective internet presence is non-negotiable for Hublot since they sell their luxurious watches in boutiques across the globe. Often, unless you’re in Switzerland, the only way to get in touch with Hublot is via web or email. 

Hublot has capitalized on this weakness by strengthening its online presence and providing excellent customer service from across the globe. Regardless of whether a customer purchases a timepiece in a boutique or places an order by mail, the effect is always the same: Hublot is dedicated to its customers and strives to keep a strong business relationship with them. They have the reputation of going above and beyond to please their customers. Another effective marketing strategy that Hublot uses is global marketing. This luxury timepiece company has effectively crafted and marketed a product that is considered luxurious across the world. Regardless of which country or nation the client buying a Hublot watch resides in, they all agree that they are paying for one of the best watches.

With their strong web presence, their worldwide presence, and their excellent customer service strengthens the company and proves that their marketing is not only effective, it’s also lucrative.

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